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Cold therapy (-85°C) unique in the hotel industry

Our BERNSTEIN MEDICAL SPA was designed by German-Danish developers and built as a ship that has run aground in natural surroundings.  

The different rooms are painted in mediterranean colours, according to the Chinese organ clock. They are filled with light, sound, water and air. 

The stimulating architecture emphasises the aspect of holistic health and beauty, as we know it from the ancient times. 

Our local indications as amber, sea buckthorn, healing chalk of Rügen, algae and air, containing iodine are combined with acknowledged Asiatic applications.

The holistic coldtherapy is a highly effective treatment process that was originally developed in Japan. It is acknowledged in Europe since the 1980's. The soothing effect of a 3-minute visit in our cold chamber boosts the performance and palliates long term pain. It also strengthens the immunic system and relaxes. Diseases such as asthma, bronchial disorders, neurodermititis, bronchitis, chronic inflammatory arthritis and back deseases can be alleviated.

Our leaflet (German):

BEST WESTERN Hotel Hanse-Kogge
Raffelt OHG
Hauptstraße 58.
Koserow, 17459
Telefon: 038375 / 2600
Fax: 038375 / 26077
E-Mail: reservierung@hotelhansekogge.de