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The Resort of Koserow on the island of Usedom

Koserow is located on the island Usedom, Germany's second largest, on the Baltic coast. Usedom is often called "the sunshine island", as with an average of more than 1906 hours of sunshine each year, it is one of Germany's sunniest regions. The gentle yet stimulating climate and the untouched natural surroundings are perfect for all-year-round active and passive relaxation and regeneration.

The resort Koserow lies on the narrowest place on Usedom between the Baltic Sea and the Achterwasser, between salt and sweet water.  What was formerly a fishing village grew into a holiday resort, while keeping contact with its roots. On the beach at Koserow you can buy freshly smoked fish caught by the local fishermen.

The sandy beach provides best conditions for all generations to spend their holidays. The sea is gently shelving and perfect for bathing. The beach itself is also a great place to play football, volleyball or badminton or simply to hire a basketwork beach seat (known locally as a "Strandkorb") and relax. It is always a pleasure to go for a walk along the seashore, even at the colder times of the year. By the way, keep your eyes open after a big storm as you can often find amber washed up on the beach. 


There are several piers on Usedom. Take a walk the the end of the pier to enjoy the freshness and the view. The island's oldest pier is to be found in Ahlbeck. Koserow had a pier already the 2nd World War, but it was destroyed by a storm. It was rebuilt in 1993. After being closed for two years, it is now possible to walk on the Koserow pier up out to the 8th piling.


The church made of locally collected boulders was built at the end of 13th century, it is one of the oldest churches on Usedom's Baltic shore. Over the centuries, the church was extended and reconstructed several times. Now you can admire the ornamented 15th century altar and the 17th centruy baptistry. On the left side of the chancel you can see the statue of the crucified Christ that according to legend was washed ashore. In 2011 the church bell was recast and the organ was renovated in 2012. Every Sunday you can participate on a (Protestant) church service and during the summer months the church opens its doors for several summer events, for example plays and concerts.

"Salzhütten" (=Salting Huts)

The "Salzhütten" are listed buildings. Earlier they were used for storing salt for salting fish. Herrings were filled into wooden barrels and covered with salt. In 1900 there existed 15 salting huts in Koserow. Those that are still open today serve as restaurants or outlets for smoked fish. Fish is traditionally smoked exclusively with beechwood.


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